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The importance of an online presence cannot be underestimated. In fact if you are in business and you do not have  a website you are missing out. Thousand’s search the web every day to find that special product or service and your website could be the answer they are looking for.

I myself have a small business and I would not have survived without my website.

There are many platforms to build a website on, but WordPress is the most popular, the most secure, and offers the greatest amount of flexibility. So if you are looking to build a website in WordPress, then you should consider SEO Web Design.

SEO Web Design is a small company that knows how to get websites to Page One in Google. It focuses on what your business is about, what you are offering, and talks to you about your products, services, customers, and the message you are trying to get across.

 I have been doing this for many years, and I get great pleasure from putting you on page one. Yes, you have to have good content, graphics and themes, and SEO which will meet Google’ s latest algorithm, but other than that, a well structured semantic web presence is all you really need.

So I don’t waste time and effort on companies that are  telling you about the thousands of dollars you are going to make on line, I work with you to build a professional website, designed for your needs, and tailored to your budget.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get on the web, but you do need a properly structured website which correctly reflects what you are all about. What you don’t want is a “Cookie Cutter” one size fits all website with stunning pictures that nobody looks at. Google does not see pictures, it sees semantic content. Your customers do as well. SEO Web Design understands this and builds you a site which will give you a professional web presence and promote your e-commerce goals.

So if you are thinking of staring up your first website, give me call. My details are on the contact page. I can build it for you, or show you how to build it, host it, whatever you want.

Creating an online presence has never been easier.

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By Joe Conde