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SEO Web Design is a site dedicated to designing and installing Premium Websites at an affordable cost. Quite a few of the websites I have designed now boast a page 1 rank in Google, and receive huge traffic and business. Please contact me  for more information and insights on Website Design.

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Why You Need a Sitemap

The Importance of a Sitemap Why You Need a Sitemap is not really understood, and sometimes considered redundant. When you build a website your sitemap is the framework which links your content together in a structured way. Google looks at the relationship in your site between posts, pages, and content and and determines the semantic value of your site. […]

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SEO Web Design for High Visitor Traffic

To make your Website Design successful, you should focus your website design on a few key areas to ensure it performs optimally, and achieves its purpose. The following rules should be considered as critical to achieve success. Make Navigation Simple Make your navigation menu straightforward and easy to use. Avoid complex dropdowns or multi-tiered menus […]

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Google Search Engine Optimization SEO

Every website owner knows that the only way to succeed online is to have a well-optimized website that is search engine friendly. To get to the top of search engine rankings is through good Google Search Engine Optimization SEO. Recently, the king of online searches, Google, took stringent measures to ensure that websites do not […]

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By Joe Conde