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If you are thinking of creating a website, and you can manage it on your own, then you might think of using WordPress.

WordPress is free, and has many plugins which can do a lot of exciting things.  You have to have some basic skills as you have to access CPanel  to install it, otherwise it is a nightmare. Once the basic site is up you will probably need to install additional plugins to obtain extra functionality.

It is difficult to select the right web host, so take time to choose one of the best. You want a host which is secure, reliable, and professional, and cares about it’s customers.

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 Build a Website

Once you have a hosting account you will probably want to add a domain. Have a think about what your website will do and how the domain name will complement it. iPage will give you the option to a free domain name as part of the essential package. You will receive a user name and password as soon as you log in.

Once you have your domain you will probably want to set up WordPress. Just log into your control panel and follow the prompts.


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Create a Website

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By Joe Conde