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Every website owner knows that the only way to succeed online is to have a well-optimized website that is search engine friendly.

To get to the top of search engine rankings is through good Google Search Engine Optimization SEO. Recently, the king of online searches, Google, took stringent measures to ensure that websites do not indulge in any black hat strategies to enjoy top search engine page rankings. Yes, Google made their intentions clear with what is known as ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’ updates, which had many websites take a hit in page rankings while traffic began to plummet. The message was loud and clear – Google would now reward high quality sites. The search engine will not tolerate spun content, keyword stuffing and false link building strategies. Let us look at What Is Google SEO all about.

What is Google SEO?

Plain speaking, it is all about the implementation of SEO or search engine optimisation strategies that conform to Google’s guidelines. If you want to boost sales and your profit margin, it is important to pay special attention to Google SEO strategies. This includes:

  • Developing fresh, relevant page content for your website

  • Link building with quality sites

  • Paying attention to keyword density

  • Using the right keywords, meta descriptions and tags

  • Creating micro sites with useful content related to your niche.

  • Building a mobile SEO friendly site.

  • Competition analysis, and much more.

Innovative online marketing strategies that combine these areas associated with Google SEO can help turn your business around. For the most part, Google SEO is an area of digital marketing that develops constantly with the objective of helping you use search engines to build a solid online presence. You need to strategically develop relevant page content that will have visitors coming back for more. Another important aspect is creating linking structures so that will bring greater exposure and visibility for your website. Of course, this will lead to increased sales, brand awareness, and therefore, better profits.

The benefits of Google SEO

Millions of people around the world use Google everyday to find information on products and services they need. With the right strategies, you will soon begin to reap numerous benefits.

Attract qualified instead of bulk traffic

While receiving volumes of traffic is great, what you need is targeted traffic. Searchers look for information that matches their queries. Proper Google SEO can bring you qualified traffic where you will receive visitors with a purpose, interest, and intention to purchase products or services that you deal with. High quality traffic is your ticket to a higher ROI.

Build trust and credibility

When you are ranked well on Google, you build credibility. That is just what you need. A first page ranking is a message to your target audience and potential customers that your website and your business are trustworthy. What potential customers and clients expect is a top ten ranking and that is what brings credibility.

Brand awareness – a brand of quality and trust

Google SEO is a great exercise at building brand awareness – one of quality and trust. This can cost a lot of money if you do not have a web presence. Google SEO allows you to build a global brand name at less than a fraction of the cost.

No charges for pages ranked

Google is very fair when it comes to indexing and ranking pages. As long as you content is keyword-focused and relevant, you have the opportunity to rank high without paying a dime.

Measurable results with long-term benefits  

Once your website ranks well with Google, you can expect long-term promotion from the search engine as long as you conform to its guidelines. The search engine is available around the clock can guarantee quality traffic to your website anytime. You won’t find such a cost effective, low risk solution through other promotion and marketing strategies.

How does Google SEO work?

Google indexes pages by using spiders that ‘crawl’ the code on your web pages. The spiders use the links on your web pages and travel from one site to the next following those links. Google uses a proprietary algorithm to scan websites for relevancy of each search query. The most relevant websites get to appear on the first page of search results. The spiders will look for:

  • Keywords in the title tag and description tag

  • The number of web pages that link to your site

  • The quality of web pages that link to your site

  • The keyword density of a web page (an unusually high density will result in your website being penalised for spamming)

  • A website with clean code and relevant text. This is an indication that you provide good information to your visitors and become an authority on a topic.

To understand what is Google SEO, you need to design strategies  and use search engines to your advantage to drive qualified traffic to your website. XSitePro comes with a built in SEO process integrated into the program.


By Joe Conde