About J Conde SEO Web Design

Joe Conde holds an Engineering and Electronics degrees , as well as a Masters degree in Marketing. He has worked most of his professional life in Enterprise Software Solutions such as Oracle, Peoplesoft, and many more. When Joe retired some years ago, he started building websites, and has taken a number of them to page one in Google

Joe Conde created SEO Web Design, to be able to offer design and installation of Premium Websites at an affordable cost. It offers a blend of design, graphics and SEO aimed at optimizing your web business. Quite a few of the websites he has designed now boast a page 1 rank in Google, and receive huge traffic and business.

Whether you want WordPress or html I will design a custom website for you and work with you to achieve your goals..

You can connect with Joe Conde using the details on jc@seo-webdesign.net.

By Joe Conde